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Michelle Visser Attends the HR Leaders Summit


Our General Manager of Client Solutions, Michelle Visser, attended the HR Leaders' Summit in Auckland yesterday.

It was a fantastic day, full of learning opportunities for everybody in attendance. “It’s great to connect with and bump into so many of our close Beyond Recruitment partners," Michelle said, "Being involved in our HR community is very important to Beyond Recruitment, and attending the HR Leaders' Summit has made for an insightful day; with some good take-aways and reminders for all around playing to people's strengths and nurturing great talent, for any business.”

Michelle also commented upon the great knowledge and experiences shared by representatives from Coca Cola Amatil, Beca, Gallup and DIA, amongst others. Some of the most significant take-aways from the summit included the change in HR in order to respond to the needs of businesses, diverse workforces and the rapidly changing future of the workplace.

Secondly, the summit had a clear focus on the importance of diversity, flexibility and the need for trust in leadership. The attendees were also reminded of the need to focus on playing to people’s strengths, which, if done successfully, will inevitably result in better engagement and positive commercial outcomes.

The start up culture is something many will have experienced at some point in their careers, and there’s certainly a reason why many of those will comment on the positive experiences they had. This was reinforced throughout the summit, with the importance of keeping a start up mentality and allowing people to take risks for positive gain in business. The effectiveness of navigating and using data to positively impact and add value to business in today's technology driven society was also a key message.

In summary, the HR Leaders' Summit was an extremely valuable experience, featuring many great insights from other industry leaders, and we look forward to attending again next year.