Meet the Team

Name: Bilge MacPhee
Company Position: Senior Client Manager – Procurement & Property
Email Address:
Phone Number: +64 27 558 6323

Where I’m from: Germany

My professional background: I studied Environmental Biology and completed post graduate studies in Molecular Biology and Human Nutrition. I held positions within Government as a Policy Advisor before moving into recruitment.

Why I’m passionate about Procurement & Property at Beyond Recruitment: My role at Beyond Recruitment gives me a chance to use my background both in science and policy, which I am passionate about.

What not many people know about me: I can move my ears.

What I love about New Zealand: Having lived in Wellington for the last 15 years, I can say I enjoy being able to walk from one end of the town to the other easily, Cuba street being my favourite part.

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: The expertise in the team, the atmosphere and my team.

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