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Hamish Haggie
Name: Hamish Haggie
Company Position: Senior Client Manager – Technology, Transformation & Digital
Email Address:
Phone Number: 027 353 1217

Where I’m from: (South) Auckland

My professional background: With a degree and work experience in IT.  I have also recruited IT in New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia for over a total of 10 years.

Why I’m passionate about my role at Beyond Recruitment: Helping people get back into work after the pandemic, and helping people advance their careers which was also affected by this.

What not many people know about me:  I speak fluent Japanese, almost got a blue belt in Brazilian Jujitsu and am a cycling fanatic and at the gym most days of the week!

What I love about New Zealand: The integration of cultures here is like nothing (personally) I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: I have worked in every recruitment environment, from small start-ups to the large multi-nationals locally and internationally.  Beyond Recruitment truly works and shares as a team above anywhere else I have worked before.

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