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Jared White
Name: Jared White
Company Position: Client Manager
Email Address:
Phone Number: 021 192 4132

Technology, Transformation & Digital

  • Permanent Recruitment

  • Contracting Solutions

Where I’m from: A small little town in the top of the South Island called Motueka.

My professional background: I have spent the better part of the last 10 years working in the Retail sector across a multitude of roles. I’ve worked as a department manager of a supermarket, sales representative for a liquor company and an inventory controller/buyer for another supermarket. I then decided I wanted to pursue a career in recruitment and here we are!

Why I’m passionate about my role at Beyond Recruitment: I am an enthusiastic individual who enjoys supporting candidates through the process in finding them the perfect fit for them based on their workplace requirements, skillset and work experience. Helping individuals realise their full potential is something I am extremely passionate about.

What not many people know about me: I quite enjoy spending a bit of my spare time programming and developing code for open-source projects.

What I love about Aotearoa, New Zealand: The amazing views and scenery that can be enjoyed via hiking throughout the many hikes in New Zealand!

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: Beyond Recruitment is a great organisation to work for as they are big on culture, inclusivity, career, and individual growth. They really care about me as a person and will go the extra mile to make sure I achieve my goals, be it on a personal level or professional.

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