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John Downs-Carroll
Name: John Downs-Carroll
Company Position: Client Manager - Technology, Transformation & Digital
Email Address:
Phone Number: +64 21 192 4132

Where I’m From: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

My Professional Background: A decade in customer service, with the past seven years working as a duty manager, facilities supervisor and Health and Safety advisor for a large public entertainment venue. I’ve organised and overseen concerts, conferences, food festivals, weddings and everything in-between!

Why I’m passionate about Technology, Transformation & Digital at Beyond Recruitment: My new role in recruitment is a fresh challenge for me and Beyond Recruitment have taken me under their experienced wings in order to progress my professional development since joining as the Office Manager/Receptionist. The team here know what potential looks like and I’m excited to be part of the search for it! 

What not many people know about me: I’m a massive Formula 1 fan and I can talk for hours on the subject. Same goes for movies. I also don’t listen to music made after 1989, though I have no idea why.  

What I love about New Zealand: The culture of lending a helping hand and the community spirit. You’re also never far away from a place of remarkable beauty. Or a whale.

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: Beyond Recruitment is a family who support each other every step of the way, and every day it gets stronger. It’s an incredibly nurturing environment which will always help you exceed your own expectations. I’ve made some great friends who were once colleagues, and even some who were candidates. 

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