Meet the Team

Name: Kash Mousavi
Company Position: Client Manager – Professional Services (Operations & Technical)
Email Address:
Phone Number: 027 553 4469

Where I’m From: Persia! I consider myself a Global Citizen. Started in Iran, continued to Africa, Japan and now a proud New Zealander.

My Professional Background: Banking, Sales/BizDev and now have developed a love of business and leadership. The opportunities to grow and fulfil your capacities are endless!

Why I’m passionate about Professional Services (Operations & Technical) at Beyond Recruitment: 2 reasons. Firstly, Beyond Recruitment and the management team’s culture is the best I have ever seen. Supportive, enabling, encouraging and equipping are 4 words I would use to describe this. I have experienced them going above and beyond to make me part of the team.  Secondly, this role allows me to connect with some very talented and clever individuals, from clients to candidates. I truly enjoy my role and the challenges it represents, every single day.

What not many people know about me: I have a love of pushing my limits and learning new things. Last year I decided to take on an 11-day motorbike tour through the Himalayas, on extremely dangerous ‘roads’ peaking at 18,000 ft (5,500m), having never ridden a bike in my life. On the bus ride to the starting point I was on YouTube learning how to change gears! My fiancé sat on the back as a passenger!

What I love about New Zealand: The peace and calm. The nature, the friendly people and the work-life balance that is disappearing in some places around the world. We have the best of everything available.

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: It comes down to the management team, the culture and attitude they set.  It's no wonder my friends know Beyond Recruitment as one of the best organisations to work with.

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