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Logan Slabbert
Name: Logan Slabbert
Company Position: Senior Client Manager - Corporate Support & Customer Services (Temporary and Permanent)
Email Address:
Phone Number: 027 478 9614

Where I’m from: City of Gold – Johannesburg, South Africa.

My professional background:  Worked in finance for 7 years and just did not like it one bit. I joined a global recruitment company where I got the opportunity to not only do the day to day recruitment but also managed key accounts and worked on special projects. After 9 years I then joined an IT recruitment company for around 2 years before I relocated to New Zealand, once here I have mainly focused on the temporary and contract recruitment market.

Why I’m Passionate About my role at Beyond Recruitment: I love meeting different people on a daily basis and hear their stories. The part where you get to tell somebody that they got the job, best feeling in the world!

What not many people know about me: I am an open book, but something people do not know is that I am extremely and utterly afraid of the dark. Yes, I do have night lights all through my house as my daughter seems to have inherited my fear of the dark. I do blame my mom as she watched horror movies since I was a child and thought it will toughen me up!

What I love about New Zealand: What is not to love! Love the coffee, love the food, love the people and love the beautiful landscape.

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: I love our company culture. We celebrate each milestone and every win. Here you get valued and recognized for the hard work that you put in.

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