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Name: Lynn Miller
Company Position: Client Manager - Sales
Email Address:
Phone Number: +64 27 542 5656

Where I’m from: Auckland, New Zealand

My professional background: I am a Senior Recruiter in the Sales Sector and have worked across the SME market to large corporates. My sectors are diverse from Digital to FMCG and I recruit at all levels from Sales Director to Sales Representative.

Why I’m passionate about Sales at Beyond Recruitment: Working in a highly competitive sectors and winning and learning a new thing every day about business and people.

What not many people know about me: I love watching extreme sports and I started my career as a High School Geography Teacher.

What I love about New Zealand: Being on a mountain on a clear crisp day.

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: The freedom to develop your business within a professional environment with great supportive structures and people.

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