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Michael Timoteo
Name: Michael Timoteo
Company Position: Client Manager - Technology, Transformation & Digital
Email Address:
Phone Number: 021 702 961

Where I’m from: I am from a little island known as Jersey, UK. Yes, the tax haven. No, I’m not rich….

My professional background:  Started off my career as an IT consultant and then decided to join the corporate world starting as a systems administrator and worked my way up to a systems engineer. My last role happened to be in Wellington as part of team who delivered a 365-migration project. After my final contract I decided that a career change was on the cards and through pure luck I am now a Client Manager – Technology, Transformation & Digital!    

What not many people know about me: I’m a massive football fan but I will hold off mentioning who I support for now. I love travelling, cooking, eating, drinking and going to festivals. However, I think you should know I am a huge oldies but goldies fan!  I don’t care if it’s through belt buckles and thrusting or skateboards and cranberry juice, I am just happy people are now discovering great actual music VS the overproduced auto-tuned stuff they’ve grown to think is acceptable. #FleetwoodMac #Dreams

What I love about New Zealand: Scenery, mountains, lakes, Hobbiton, Middle-earth, Lord of the Rings. This place is literally the greatest trilogy of all time!

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