Meet the Team

Name: Mike Haughton
Company Position: Client Manager - IT & Transformation (Contracting Solutions)
Email Address:
Phone Number: +64 21 193 0267

Where I’m from: Wellington, New Zealand (one of those rare Wellingtonians who was born here!).

My professional background: Gained my business degree from Victoria University, I spent some time promoting New Zealand exports in Canada and later evaluating mergers and takeovers and now I work as a Client Manager in IT & Transformation.

Why I’m passionate about IT & Transformation at Beyond Recruitment: I am passionate about my specialisation because I get a chance to recruit in IT & Transformation which is always changing and there is always something new to learn and also on transformation projects which are exciting and making a major difference in people’s lives and the ways organisations work.

What not many people know about me: That I have spent some time in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

What I love about New Zealand: That it is such a great place to live and enjoy life. It is a pretty friendly place and I love the honesty and freedom we have here. It is awesome that we can experience first-hand the Lord of Rings scenery and where else in the world, could you live in an area and look out on an untouched native bush reserve only ten minutes from the city. 

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: The people and the culture. Everyone works really hard here but they always have time for you. I love the passion in the company about delivering to our client needs, the motivation and the supportive environment. It is a really fun place to work, very social and they have great events.  

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