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Paula Van Zijl
Name: Paula Van Zijl
Company Position: Senior Client Manager – Corporate Support & Customer Services (Temporary and Permanent)
Email Address:
Phone Number: 021 198 3585

Where I’m From: Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

My Professional Background: After completing my degree in Marketing, I spent a few years in the Marketing and Graphic Design industries. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the creative side of business, I missed the people interaction and jumped at the opportunity when I was offered a position as Recruitment Consultant in 2006. As a junior Recruiter I was thrown into the deep end, tasked with building and running my own the temp desk. I quickly found my feet and developed a great passion for the industry. 

I took a decision to join SJ Capital in September 2011 as an Internal Recruiter.  This position offered me exposure to Human Resources and Internal Relations policies. In July 2017 SJ Capital opened a fully-fledged Recruitment arm and I was appointed as Branch Manager of the Durban Branch, managing the KwaZulu Natal region.  More than a decade later I am still passionate and excited about Recruitment.

Why I’m Passionate About my role at Beyond Recruitment: I am passionate about PEOPLE! And Beyond Recruitment is all about people! It gives me great pride and satisfaction to associate with one of New Zealand’s best brands. It is a privilege to be in a position where I can truly partner with my clients, offer solutions to their recruitment needs and in the same breath also contribute to the livelihood of candidates.

What not many people know about me: I am a wife to a great husband and a mother of twin daughters, heading for their teens. I love animals and I adore my two dogs, a Pug and a Labrador. I enjoy spending time with children and I enjoy getting involved in charity work involving underprivileged children.

What I love about New Zealand: EVERYTHING!  I love the clean air, the beautiful parks in the CBD, spectacular sunsets, public transport systems that work.  I love that my children gets an opportunity to learn to become independent and that I can trust they will arrive, and arrive safely when they take a bus to school.

What I love about Beyond RecruitmentI joined Beyond Recruitment at the brink of a worldwide humanitarian crisis. While going through major uncertainty and turmoil, Beyond Recruitment really took me in and made me part of the hive. I am honoured to be part of the Customer Experience & Corporate Support team and I honestly have the most supportive and empathetic manager anyone could ask for. Although Beyond Recruitment is a large ship to steer through a storm I feel safe and I know we will come out stronger on the other side.

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