Meet the Team

Name: Robyn George-Neich
Company Position: General Manager - Finance & Shared Services
Email Address:
Phone Number: +64 21 743 752

Where am I from: By the beach, Lyall Bay Wellington.

My professional background: Charted Accountant with over 25 years working in a variety of business from insurance to banking to property to recruitment.

Why I’m passionate about my role at Beyond Recruitment:  My team are the best and without their commitment and efforts we could not achieve what we do. It is very satisfying to help people learn and grow their skill set and that is what happens in my team. 

What people don't know about me: I love big dogs. The bigger the better. We used to have two Newfoundlands and they were massive. The male dog was about 80kgs. That is a lot of fluffy dog  

What I love about New Zealand: Variety in everything the people the landscape the city's and towns. Variety is the spice of life they say but I am not sure who they is.

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: It is a values based business that supports and encourages people. Not so much as a glass half full more of a glass overflowing.

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