Meet the Team

Name: Tom King
Company Position: Managing Consultant - Procurement & Property
Email Address:
Phone Number: +64 27 222 8488

Where I’m From: I’m from Norwich, in the UK and moved to Wellington this year with my partner.

My Professional Background: I originally trained to be primary school teacher in the UK before leaving the profession and starting my career in recruitment. I enjoy meeting new people and identifying their skills and strengths to match them to their dream role.

Why I’m passionate about Procurement & Property at Beyond Recruitment: The Property and Procurement market in Wellington is busy and thriving. There is also a skills shortage at present which makes finding good candidates challenging and interesting. With my background in education, I enjoying working with ambitious candidates and open-minded clients in order to get new talent into the industry. Beyond Recruitment’s stellar reputation means that I get more opportunities to speak to the right people to make that happen. 

What not many people know about me: I’m a bit of a quiz fanatic. I have a tendency to acquire useless knowledge which has won me a few pub quizzes in the past!

What I love about New Zealand: The outdoor culture is what drew me back to New Zealand after a working holiday here in 2014. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, wildlife and great food – so Wellington really was the natural choice.

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: The best part about working for Beyond Recruitment is the people! The management, consultants and support staff in the office are a diverse and professional bunch who are clearly passionate about what they do. This is clear from conversations with our clients and candidates who have used Beyond Recruitment for years. As an employee, you are treated as an adult and given the freedom to find what works for you, with the support and advice from senior management there to guide you if you need it. 

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