As technology continues to transform business, new Digital roles are becoming central to sustained business success throughout New Zealand.

Beyond Recruitment is New Zealand’s largest and most capable IT recruitment agency, with a decade-long track record of helping great tech talent into great organisations. With a strong background in Technology, Marketing, and Professional Services, we are well-positioned to connect you with the perfect Digital job to suit your skills.

Our recruiters are Digital specialists, many of whom have a background in the sector and still keep updated with the latest developments. As an organisation, the sectors we service are undergoing digital transformation and job opportunities are constantly evolving.

The Digital roles we recruit for cover every stage of this still-developing career path, from marketing and technology through to strategy and leadership roles.

Typical Digital jobs that we recruit for throughout New Zealand include:

  • Customer Experience Jobs
  • Digital Marketing Jobs
  • Digital Producer Jobs
  • Digital Project Manager Jobs
  • Data Scientist Jobs
  • Digital Strategy Jobs
  • Omnichannel Retail Jobs
  • Chief Experience Officer Jobs
  • Virtual Reality Design Jobs
  • Augmented Reality Design Jobs
  • Machine Learning Jobs
  • Artificial Intelligence Jobs
  • Automation Engineering Jobs
  • UX/UI Jobs

Whether you’re looking for contract jobs or permanent roles, we’d love to help you out. Feel free to get in touch today.

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Beyond Recruitment is New Zealand’s largest provider of Digital talent. We have extensive networks within the IT and Transformation sector, as well as other Digitally-engaged sectors like Sales & Marketing and Financial Services.

In IT alone, we make over 300 permanent placements per year. With Digital technologies becoming such an integral part of the business world, this number is only going to increase.

Our reach within the Digital space spans across companies of all sizes and industries, as well as the public sector as part of the All of Government recruitment agreement.

However, our key strength is our recruiters. Their knowledge and expertise within their specialist area, and their ability to liaise with our candidates and clients to find the best fit, is what truly drives our business.

At their disposal are a wide range of sourcing tools, digital marketing and our bespoke talent database. This includes Beyond Recruitment having the largest New Zealand Recruitment Agency LinkedIn following, targeted electronic mailers that go to more than 20,000 pre-screened candidates, and market-leading social recruitment training.

We provide talent across all role types at all levels, including Digital Marketing, Digital Production, Data Science, Digital Strategy, Omnichannel Retail, VR and AR Design, AI and Machine Learning, and Digital Project Management and Leadership.

If you’re looking for Digital talent to help your business adapt to the latest developments in the market, get in touch.