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Resignation Periods - An Employee's Perspective

Resignation Periods

Following on from a recent article on that discussed how employers should deal with employees who resign, we thought it was particularly relevant to comment on how employees should approach working resignation periods.

The original article highlighted how the best solution for employers is to immediately let employees leave once they have submitted their notice. This solution is logical if the leaving employee is fired, obviously disgruntled or working in a commercial sensitive role, however most employees leave on reasonable or positive terms and therefore will be asked to work the contractual notice period.

Handing in Your Notice

As an employee handing in your notice period can be a daunting task. Our advice is to go into the room with your mind firmly made up and have a well worded resignation letter ready to give to your manager.

Your resignation will likely come as a surprise to your employer, so be prepared for a number of different reactions. Whatever the reaction remember that in most cases you are creating them a new problem to solve and the easiest way to solve this is to try to retain your services.

It is not uncommon for employers to come back to you with proposed salary increases, new roles or even promotions. To avoid putting yourself in this potentially awkward situation always be clear on your reasons for leaving and more importantly make it clear that you have already signed your contract with your new employer.

Working Your Notice

As an employee once your notice has been agreed the next 4 weeks is one of the most important times in your career. Even though you are leaving an employer, there is a high likelihood you will one day have to return to them for a reference or maybe even end up applying to the same manager at a different employer in the future.

Too many sick days, mistakes or just lack of obvious effort during this period, will quickly override the great work you have previously undertaken whilst working for your employer. On the other side if, like one of our recently retired employees, you maintain high levels of commitment and engagement during these four weeks (even if you are given mundane tasks to complete), the lasting impressions of you will be positive.

Beyond Recruitment

If you are about to hand in your notice ask your Beyond Recruitment consultant for advice, we are always happy to help.

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