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Government & Policy

Beyond Recruitment are one of the few suppliers into all nine categories of the All of Government (AoG) recruitment contract and have long-standing relationships with many Government departments.

As a business we always have a broad range of roles that fall into the Government & Policy white collar sectors. We are noticing significantly increased demand for both contractors and permanent staff across most role types, so now is a great time to consider a career change in policy, research, analysis, projects, evaluation and leadership.  

Whether you’re after contract, permanent or Senior Leadership job opportunities in the Government & Policy space, or you are seeking advice on how and where to find the next role in your work journey, we’d love to help you.
Please get in touch with our team today.

Typical Government & Policy jobs that we recruit throughout New Zealand include:

  • Policy Advisor / Analyst

  • Policy Advisor / Analyst - Senior

  • Policy Advisor / Analyst - Principal

  • Policy Manager

  • Research Analyst

  • Researcher / Evaluation - Senior

  • Researcher / Evaluation - Principal

  • Regulatory Advisor

  • Regulatory Advisor - Senior

  • Regulatory Manager

  • Governance Advisor

  • Governance Advisor - Senior

  • Governance Manager

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Beyond is a trusted and proven supplier in to the public sector of New Zealand and provides services that are robust, transparent and stand up to scrutiny.  We are one of the few suppliers into all 9 categories of the All of Government recruitment contract and we are grateful for the long-standing support of our many Government clients.  We understand the subtleties of recruiting into this sector, have well developed talent networks and would love to hear from you when you are seeking great people for your teams.   

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