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Customer Services

Beyond Recruitment are one of New Zealand’s largest suppliers of Customer Service talent. As a business we are a preferred supplier to a large number of organisations across the public and private sectors.

New Zealand has experienced huge growth in the Contact Centre industry over the past few years, with NZ becoming home to some of the largest and most innovative Call Centres in Australasia. The technology is cutting edge and Contact Centres have become highly regarded training grounds and stepping stones for graduates wishing to enter the Banking, Insurance and Telecommunication industries. At Beyond Recruitment we have the expertise to find you the perfect role and the capability to develop and execute assessments at every level; ensuring that our clients get the right fit every time.

There has never been a better time to start a career in the Customer Services field, with a large number of job opportunities currently available. If you have great customer service skills and experience and a good baseline of technology literacy, we can definitely help you to find your next great role. 

Whether you’re after job opportunities, or you are seeking advice on how and where to find the next role in your work journey, we’d love to help you.
Please get in touch with our team today.

Typical Customer Services jobs that we recruit throughout New Zealand include:

  • CSR - Customer Services Representative

  • Customer Services

  • Customer Agent

  • Inbound Customer Services

  • Outbound Customer Services

  • Customer Services Consultant

  • Customer Services Advisor

  • (Financial Services)

  • Customer Services Manager

  • Retention Specialist

  • Outbound Sales

  • Internal Sales Rep

  • Internal Account Managers

  • Customer Agent

  • Team Leader Call Centre

  • Call Centre Manager

  • Service Desk

Knowledge Piece 

Learn more about the industry, here: 

"Prediction: The future of CX" - McKinsey Quarterly 

Register a Vacancy

Beyond Recruitment is a large provider of Customer Service talent, with hundreds of permanent roles placed and assignments undertaken over the last 12 months. Whether you are seeking a single resource or an ongoing flexible workforce solution on a volume basis, we have the experience, talent, networks and expertise to deliver.

Interested in using temps? Employers use temps for a variety of reasons; including convenience, time saving and managing their workforce through the peaks and troughs in their business. We can help you with Temporary Staffing Solutions at a drop of a hat. Beyond Recruitment temporary workers can be engaged at a moment’s notice – sometimes within the hour – and so we can cover sickness or longer term absences such as parental leave and sabbaticals. Similarly, groups of workers (such as Cell Centre teams) can be deployed as temps.

Beyond Recruitment has a comprehensive temp workforce sourcing and management infrastructure that can deliver you the best temps instantaneously. We have literally hundreds of temps on assignment at any one time and can provide proven, trusted temp resources to your organisation when you need them. We look after all taxation and legislative requirements – hiring temps is easy! All temps and customer support candidates are fully skill tested and probity checked.

So whether you are looking for a new permanent Call Centre Manager, or a temp outbound CSR for a day, we have the perfect person waiting for you. We’d love to hear from you!

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