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Interested in moving to New Zealand? - A look at the New Zealand Engineering and Construction industry

Engineering In New Zealand Qualification

With the current international market in somewhat of a slowdown, and hundreds of jobs available within the New Zealand Engineering and Construction sector right now, the time has never been better to consider a move to Aotearoa (New Zealand).  

Life in New Zealand is very different to life anywhere else in the world. While you will find many similarities in daily work life across the globe, when it comes to your down time you will be amazed at the abundance of activities New Zealand can offer you. Whether it’s enjoying Wellington’s café culture, big city living in Auckland, or fulfilling your need for an adrenaline rush in the South Island - in New Zealand there really is something for everyone.

Career wise, it is entirely up to you where you would like to go. Local, National and International companies are all thriving in New Zealand and with the workload increasing this only is set to continue.

Auckland: According to Christine Leung, Senior Economist at New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, 80% of all newly created roles in New Zealand are based in Auckland. While this figure may be slightly different in relation to the Engineering and Construction sector, the Auckland jobs market is without doubt the most buoyant in the country. As with any major city (Auckland has a population estimated at 1.4 million) the housing and residential market is growing and growing, and according to market information there is no slow-down in sight for the foreseeable future. Add to this the hundreds, if not thousands of other projects ranging from commercial builds to hydro projects and numerous infrastructure projects, such as the City Rail Link or the Northwest Transformation, and it is clear to see that Auckland is a booming market right now.

Wellington: While Wellington is significantly smaller than Auckland, it definitely punches well above its weight in opportunities that exist within the Engineering and Construction sector. With numerous National and Multinational companies choosing to base their offices in the city’s Central Business District, it is definitely a hot spot for career growth, and the opportunities that exist are second to none. With some of the largest projects in New Zealand currently taking place right now, theTransmission Gully being one of many, the time has never been better to enjoy what the city has to offer.

Christchurch: Following the Christchurch earthquake in 2011, the city has understandably gone through some huge changes. This has resulted in a huge spike in employment opportunities within the Engineering and Construction sector. Whilst it is generally considered that the market has now reached its peak, and that things are beginning to taper off, this certainly does not mean that jobs are few and far between. With the majority of core sector employers having a strong presence within the region, this should give you some indication of what to expect. The population of Christchurch is now larger than it was pre-earthquake, due to the surge of foreign talent, particularly amongst in the Engineering and Construction sector. If you want to be involved in building a city from the ground up and contributing to the regrowth of a major city, Christchurch is a great option.

Who is New Zealand looking for?

Right now the Engineering and Construction market in New Zealand is flourishing, with candidates having their pick of whom they would like to work for. This is a stark comparison to that of Australia, where the construction jobs market is beginning to slow.


Quantity Surveyors – As one of the leading Engineering and Construction recruitment specialists operating within the New Zealand market, we have noticed an increased demand for Quantity Surveyors, as evidenced by more than 300 QS roles being advertised on one single job board. Opportunities exist across the board, and here at Beyond we have placed candidates from junior to senior levels.

Site Managers - Site Managers are highly in demand due to the continued growth in projects nationwide. With projects ranging from light residential to full-scale commercial, and with values ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, there is plenty of scope to build a highly successful career.


Right now, due to the booming engineering sector in New Zealand, highly qualified candidates are extremely sought after. As such there are numerous opportunities available for the right people, due to the vast amount of projects currently underway and in planning stages nationally.

Structural Engineers are in high demand, with a particular emphasis being placed on those with Chartered Engineers (CPEng) qualification. It is extremely important to note that it is not only Structural Engineers who are required. Engineers of all disciplines are being snapped up at a rate of knots.

Below is a list of engineers who are sought after right now:                                                        

In summary, the market is buoyant, the jobs for qualified professionals are here, and the lifestyle is great. Why wouldn’t you want to move to New Zealand? If you can’t think of a reason not to, contact a member of our team here at Beyond Recruitment and we would be delighted to walk you through the many options available to you. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming guides on relocating to New Zealand, and understanding what your qualifications mean down under.

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