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Beyond Recruitment Leadership: Harold Hillman - How Authenticity Can Help You Be a Better Leader

Beyond Leadership Blog Harold Hillman

Welcome to our new blog series: The Beyond Recruitment Leadership Series. Beyond Recruitment has always been committed to working to better New Zealand, and developing leadership is one way we feel we can contribute to this. The aim of this series is to create a place where talent at any level, in any industry, can access leadership insights from credible thought leaders, to develop themselves as leaders.

Over the next few months this series will feature a range of some of the most regarded and respected leaders, not only in New Zealand but across the world. For more on what you can expect from Beyond Leadership, and the importance of leadership to both individuals and society, listen to this message from our CEO, Liza Viz.

Demystifying Authenticity in Leadership

We launch the Beyond Recruitment Leadership series with Harold Hillman, an international expert on dealing with many of the insecurities leaders often face. Harold Hillman is also the author of two highly regarded books, ‘The Imposter Syndrome’ and ‘Fitting In Standing Out’.

Authenticity is something everyone searches for, both within ourselves and in everyone around us. Harold Hillman has dedicated much of his research to ‘Demystifying Authenticity’. As Harold suggests, the idea of authenticity has many layers, and ranges from a notion of fearing what your colleagues really think of you to the misconception that authentic people are rare within the business world.

The Imposter Syndrome

This notion of authenticity ties into many of the insecurities that leaders often deal with. Have you ever felt feelings of vulnerability, or even feelings of fear for being found out to be portraying something you’re not? Harold Hillman describes this as ‘The Imposter Syndrome’. Harold discusses being an imposter himself and how to remove the shackles, forget the vulnerability and be yourself within your business environment.

We’ll check back in with Harold next month as part of the Beyond Recruitment Leadership series, to discuss how self-awareness and self-leadership can positively influence your career by making you confront your fears of inadequacy and become stronger in your own persona.

Until then, Beyond Recruitment's own Michelle Visser will explore leadership attributes, and how we can help develop them, in the next ‘Beyond Recruitment Leadership’ article.

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