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Beyond Leadership: Harold Hillman Part 2 - How Being Self-Aware Can Help You Be a Better Leader

Beyond Leadership Blog Harold Hillman

Welcome to the latest blog in the Beyond Recruitment Leadership Series. Beyond Recruitment has always been committed to working to better New Zealand, and developing leadership is one way we feel we can contribute to this. The aim of this series is to create a place where talent at any level, in any industry, can access leadership insights from credible thought leaders, to develop themselves as leaders.

We continue on with the second blog from our interview with International leadership expert, Harold Hillman. Previously, Harold Hillman discussed the notions of Demystifying Authenticity and ‘The imposter Syndrome’ and we continue on with these themes with Harold discussing the idea of Self Awareness and Self-Leadership and how confronting fears of vulnerability can help a person become a better leader.

This month, we continue on with these themes, with Harold discussing the idea of self-awareness and self-leadership, and how confronting fears of vulnerability can help a person become a better leader.

For those that missed it, here is Liza Viz and her introduction to the Leadership Series.


Harold identifies the notion of a person needing to be self-aware as a critical element to becoming an effective leader, he suggests that self-awareness often comes after a deep and personal conversation with yourself and may be the result of a point of confrontation or something drastic happening in your life. He suggests that in order to become self-aware a person must be open to feedback from other others.


Self-Leadership is heavily related to the notion of Authenticity and Vulnerability. In our discussion with him, Harold says that often when a person is having problems and their leadership abilities are brought into question, the negativity is often in their own head.


We’ll check back in with Harold next month as part of the Beyond Recruitment Leadership series, to discuss how people sometimes lose their true selves when they are trying to fit into a workplace. He’ll also comment on the responsibilities companies have when bringing a new person into the business. 

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