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Beyond Recruitment Leadership: Harold Hillman Part 3 - Understanding the Concept of Fitting In and Standing Out

Beyond Leadership Blog Harold Hillman

Welcome to the latest blog in the Beyond Recruitment Leadership Series. Beyond Recruitment has always been committed to working to better New Zealand, and developing leadership is one way we feel we can contribute to this. The aim of this series is to create a place where talent at any level, in any industry, can access leadership insights from credible thought leaders, to develop themselves as leaders.

In part three of our interview with international leadership expert, Harold Hillman, the discussion focuses on a number of topics that inevitably have an impact on how a person becomes a better leader. In previous interviews with Harold, the ideas of Authenticity and the ‘Imposter Syndrome’,which is a notion Harold relates to the belief that people often pretend to be something they’re not, were presented. Harold also identified how Self-Awareness and Self-leadership are critical elements to becoming an effective leader.

This month, we continue with this discussion. Harold comments on how a person can often ‘lose themselves, trying to fit in’ and the importance of ‘finding your true self.’ To conclude our penultimate discussion with Harold, he also discusses the responsibilities that businesses have when a new employee is brought into the company.

For those that missed it, here is our CEO, Liza Viz, and her introduction to the Beyond Recruitment Leadership Series.

Losing Yourself Fitting In

Harold discusses the idea that when a person enters a new company, and they attempt to fit into the existing social order of that company, it is often found that they “turn themselves down” for the benefit of their coworkers. On the other hand, there are those that choose to “turn their volume up.” Harold proposes that it’s important to find where you fall between “fitting in and standing out.”

Finding Your True Self

Harold believes that “finding your true self” is key to happiness in the workplace, and believes that the idea that the give and take of an employer-employee relationship isn’t sustainable when it’s predominately one-sided. He states that reciprocity is needed to make it work.

Harold goes on to suggest that when a person joins a new company, it’s important for them to understand this notion of fitting in and standing out.


We’ll check back in with Harold next month as part of the Beyond Recruitment Leadership Series, as he gives advice on the different ways a person can be an effective leader in our fourth and final discussion with him.

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