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Beyond Recruitment Leadership: Harold Hillman Part 4 - Using Your Voice and Setting an Example

Beyond Leadership Blog Harold Hillman

Welcome to the latest blog in the Beyond Recruitment Leadership Series. Beyond Recruitment has always been committed to working to better New Zealand, and developing leadership is one way we feel we can contribute to this. The aim of this series is to create a place where talent at any level, in any industry, can access leadership insights from credible thought leaders and develop themselves as leaders.

In previous editions of the Harold Hillman Beyond Recruitment leadership series, the key topics of note focused on different aspects of how a person becomes an effective leader. In the first blog of this series, Harold commented on the ideas of Authenticity and the “Imposter Syndrome." In part two, Harold discussed the notions of Self-Awareness and Self-Leadership, and most recently the concepts of Fitting In and Standing Out were discussed in part three, with the focus of this conversation being the responsibilities businesses have when bringing in new members of staff. 

In part four, the finale to our conversation with leadership expert Harold Hillman, we discuss some of the responsibilities leaders have with their staff and the importance of listening and reacting to your conscience. 

For those that missed it, here is our CEO, Liza Viz, and her introduction to the Beyond Recruitment Leadership Series.

Using Your Voice and Setting an Example

Harold believes that it is important for leaders to set an example in the workplace. He suggests that leaders should set the example within that environment and make it okay for the team to need each other. He continues by commenting on how leaders should switch this conversation towards a more open discussion, with “help me think sessions” as an example.

Harold continues to discuss the importance of a person’s conscience;  he gives the example of how the conscience will often nag at a person if they don’t voice a concern, and suggests that this is your conscience attempting to re-establish the balance.

In the final section of our conversation with Harold Hillman, he suggests that if a leader has people who are wanting to add perspective, use their voice and push against the social order of that environment; then you’ve created a team that’s engaged and wants to make a difference. 


Beyond Recruitment would like to give thanks to Harold Hillman for his insights and contribution to ongoing leadership capabilities in New Zealand.

Although our discussion with leadership expert Harold Hillman has now concluded, you can still watch our discussion with him in its entirety here. Be sure to check back in next month for the continuation of the Beyond Recruitment Leadership series  

Link: /beyond-recruitment-leadership-series/beyond-recruitment-leadership-harold-hillman-part-4-using-your-voice-and-setting-an-example/

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