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Temping as a Career

Temping As A Career

Have you ever thought that temp work could be a career? Many people believe that temporary work is a “fill in” or “casual” thing while they look for a full time permanent role. This is not always the case, and in fact many people choose to work as “Career Temps” and thoroughly enjoy this type of employment.

As an agency recruiter with over 25 years in the recruitment industry, I have met many people who work as Career Temps. The people that work in this capacity come from all sorts of backgrounds and skill sets. They enjoy the flexibility of being able to work when they want to. These people are often highly skilled in their area of expertise and regularly in demand. For example an Executive Assistant (EA) Career Temp is highly valued as they have a range of skills and knowledge to offer and can come into an environment and hit the ground running. This is also the same for Receptionists, Team Administrators, Project Coordinators, Personal Assistants and Accounting Support roles.  

No Shortage of Work

Each Career Temp has highly sought after skills and knowledge instantly adding value. Many of the Career Temps I work with are very rarely out of work – in fact, some of them need to book in a holiday or break during the year as they can often go from temp assignment to temp assignment. The assignment duration can range in length and often clients will work around a specific Career Temp’s availability just so they can secure them.

In many cases, Career Temps will be requested back by client companies where they have worked previously. This is a win/win for both Temp and Client as they have already formed a strong working relationship, and the company/organisation gains many benefits of having a productive temporary worker who knows their systems and processes. 

Career Temps will often work with a recruitment agency in an exclusive arrangement. This helps manage availability and workload and builds a strong working relationship between the Career Temp and agency recruiter.   

Benefits of Being a Career Temp

There are many benefits to being a Career Temp. Some of these include:

Insight from Career Temps

Temporary work has become a more popular/common practice for companies to engage staff.  There is a regular demand for people to work in a temporary capacity and organisations utilise temp staff in a range of ways.  As a Career Temp you may be called upon to offer your advice or input on a role and/or how best it can be structured.  I asked a couple of Career Temps why they have chosen to be professional temps and what they enjoyed most about working this way - take a look at their responses below.

Food for Thought

So, have I managed to change your mind about temping as a Career? I appreciate that being a Career Temp doesn’t suit everyone. However, I believe that if you are highly skilled and experienced you can back yourself to work in this way, and gain a lot of professional satisfaction. I know many people that agree and are happy to share their experiences. If you want to find out more about temping with Beyond Recruitment, click here and contact your nearest branch. We would love to hear from you.

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