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What You Should Wear to a Job Interview

What To Wear

Getting through the door and into an interview can be a difficult task in itself, but once you’re sat opposite your potential employer, trying to answer those difficult questions is when the pressure really starts to pile on.

When deciding whether you’re the perfect candidate, an interviewer will judge almost everything you say, do – and unfortunately, wear – during your interview. With that in mind, it’s important that your outfit is just as clean, professional and impressive as your CV.

Invest to Impress

You’ll want to wear something you are comfortable in, but first make sure that it’s both clean and professional looking. Investing in a good suit is a great place to start as you’ll get to use it more than once but it’ll also be fit for purpose. Okay, not every company will expect you to be fully suited and booted every day, such as a young tech start-up, but it’s always better to overdress than underdress. If you turn up to the employer’s office and spot that you look a little out of place, you can always remove the suit jacket or tie to tone it down.

Walking the Walk

Consider what footwear you’re going to choose, make sure they match the style of your clothing and are clean and polished. Plain, dark colours are always a good choice as they will suit most outfit styles. If you don’t wear heels normally then don’t wear them for your interview, as you don’t want to be remembered as “the one who tumbled over.”


Your choice of accessories will speak volumes about you, and are a great way at personalising an outfit. Plan what accessories you will wear with your outfit and allow them to highlight your personal style, whilst still keeping it minimal and avoiding anything that would be too distracting, such as large, brightly coloured or shiny jewellery.

Visit the Dry Cleaners

Sometimes, no matter how good you are with an iron, you won’t be able to get a suit as well pressed as a professional Dry Cleaner. Going out of your way to have your clothes dry cleaned and pressed can really go a long way, as it will ensure your clothes are clean and well-kept with minimal effort, in time for your interview.


Whilst it’s always a good idea to use antiperspirant deodorant, you will want to be considerate and avoid using perfume or fragrances. Whilst they may be your favourites to put on when leaving the house, your interviewer could have an allergy and sometimes the overpowering smells can be distracting.

Be Comfortable

These might sound basic, but some things are easy to forget! Make sure that your hair and fingernails are clean, and your breath is fresh. If you’re wearing makeup, don’t overdo it and make sure you look comfortable in your own skin. Test drive your interview clothes to make sure that they fit properly, and don’t forget to break in any new smart shoes before the day of the interview.


Don’t be afraid to check out the employer’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages for any evidence of their office dress code. If you manage to fit in during your interview, then you’ll be demonstrating cultural fit from day one.

Finally, you can always call your interviewer and ask. It’s a simple strategy but it can make sure you’re dressed perfectly for the role which can give you a good confidence boost.


It’s easy to forget that what you wear is an important part of your interview. It says a lot about your character and is the first indication to the employer on whether or not you can fit in to their culture. The problem is that dress codes can change over time and with the season, so going out and doing a little bit of research will always pay off. If you find yourself still unsure about which outfit to wear or need any assistance when it comes to your next interview, then get in touch with us today.

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