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Leading with Pace for 2017

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Returning to work is generally a challenge for most of us after sun filled, lazy days and lesser demands. However, ensuring that the re-energised you is put into ample action will enable you to enjoy your next break and feel a real sense of achievement in doing so. Whether you’re focusing on self-development, or overcoming workplace obstacles, here are some tips on how to rise above challenges and push forward so that you can lead the way with confidence.

A few reflections and keys to success:

1. Avoid taking on other people’s issues/be quick to try and create the solution for them. Whilst as leaders we can help people to navigate these and create possible solutions, these are also learnings for people. We do not always have the answers, nor should we! What we can do, however, is help people make the most of these learning opportunities so they are able to handle issues with the right knowledge and confidence.

2. Focus on the things that will make the greatest impact, and not those where there is the most noise. Instead of only focusing on areas that are big industry talking points, don’t hesitate to think differently, and break away from the current trends if you think it will have more of an impact.

3. Create stretch for both yourself and your people and don’t apologise for expecting results and exceeding these. Having self-determination and being dedicated and driven to go the extra mile are key qualities of a great leader.

4. Deal with and immediately tackle any negativity, and have zero tolerance for those who are counterproductive to a winning culture of success. Your company should have policy in place that encourages positivity, and gets rid of any negativity. If negativity is more present, it pays to talk to the person to find out how you can fix the problem before it affects the rest of your company.

5. Celebrate success, highlighting winning behaviours and performers unashamedly. Recognising people’s achievements, both externally or internally, can boost employee morale and people will feel much for valued for it.

6. Act with pace and urgency and make every day count. Use your time wisely and prioritise your workload so that you can smash your targets and reach your deadlines.   

Wishing you all a successful and high impact 2017, and looking forward to it this end!


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