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Playing To Your Strengths

Play To Your Strengths

In a fast-paced industry, like Recruitment, that’s full of big personalities and big billers that are in the spotlight 24/7, I am peaceful. A dove, a steady, a diplomat – depending on the personality test you listen to. The relationship works well in my role as a Recruitment Specialist, as I can work behind the scenes, quietly getting on with my work, whilst the Client Manager faces the clients and sets the expectations. I am happy to work like this, as I know that I am working to my strengths.

I enjoy being set goals, expectations and timeframes and delivering to them. I enjoy supporting the team and flying under the radar. I have, at times, stepped out of my comfort zone to front projects and take on other functions, but I know my strong points lay behind the scenes. Everybody has a different personality and way of working. Work to the highest standard you can achieve and play to your strengths, and you and your results will be valued by your employers.

I know that I’m never going to be the biggest biller, the sales star of the quarter (or year), and I’m okay with that. What I gain instead, is an inner satisfaction of working to my strengths, doing the best I can and upholding company values.

You Won’t Go Unnoticed

I know that my employer values me too, having won numerous awards for teamwork and values. Not only that, but the way I work has earned their trust so that I can now work remotely and part time. I think my 10 year tenure speaks volumes as to the strong relationship I have built with them.

Your employer will see the return there is to gain by having somebody that is comfortable and willing to work in their own niche. There will be areas that you succeed in that others won’t. In return my employer gets someone that is more pragmatic, rather than emotional in their responses; someone that will happily do the mundane tasks (including the admin!) and someone that is reliable and interested in long-term stability rather than overnight success.

Let Yourself Stand Out

This doesn’t mean I am lazy, shy or afraid of hard work – I still have goals to achieve, and take pride in my work. It’s about doing what you do to the highest standard you can. I sure won’t be bulldozed into something that I’m not comfortable with. I have opinions too and will happily give you my advice; I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to play to your strengths. If there is an opportunity to do something outside of your job description that you know you can do well, ask to help or contribute and idea towards it. This will raise awareness of the things that you are good at and will lift the chances that you’ll be asked to do it again.

You are a Necessary Piece of the Jigsaw

It takes all sorts of people to make a business special, so don’t be afraid of being a little different. If there is something that sets you apart and makes your work unique, use that to your advantage. Not everyone wants to work on the front lines of a company, and likewise not everyone enjoys working quietly from behind the scenes. Work out what your strengths are and ensure you find a role that means you satisfy them as well as your own career goals.

Get a Step Ahead

A great way to screen a job in advance is at the job interview. Find out as much as you can about the people who are in your team, and how wide the spectrum of work is that you’ll be expected to carry out. By asking these questions, you’ll get some idea of whether you’ll be comfortable in the role and if it’ll suit your working style. To take a step further, ask the interviewer; ‘What is it like working at this company?’, ‘What kind of office culture do you have?’. Every insight will help to inform your decision.

In Summary

By being true to myself and my strengths, I have found a place within a world of peacocks, lions, type A personalities etc., that sets me apart as being valuable in other ways, rather than just revenue. Don’t try to fit yourself into an unsuitable role. There will always be better results to be had from building up from strong foundations that trying to build on something that isn’t there. Don’t start off on the wrong foot by applying for the wrong job, get in touch with us today and put yourself in a position where this won’t happen. The team at Beyond are experienced recruitment experts, and will find you a position that you’ll flourish in.

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