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5 Reasons to Work with a Specialist Recruitment Agency

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When looking for a new job, most people usually begin by browsing job boards, asking their family and friends if they know of any job opportunities or contacting a recruitment agency. Considering using a recruiter? Here are 5 reasons you should consider working with a specialist recruitment agency.

1. Access to Jobs That Aren't Advertised

Half of a recruiter's role is finding the very best new job opportunities. That means we're actively doing parts of your job search for you, including phoning prospective new employers, meeting hiring managers and networking. However, when we find a great job, we don't always advertise it. This is because advertising a job slows down the hiring process; employers normally need to recruit in short timeframes and as specialist recruiters, we have other candidate-sourcing tools such as our database and our professional networks. By registering with a recruiter, you become part of that circle. Even if you're not actively searching for a job, it ensures you're kept up to date with the latest, most interesting job opportunities.

2. CV Feedback and Interview Preparation

We have seen a lot of CVs and cover letters in our time, so we're able to help you showcase your skills in a way that is going to make employers stand up and pay attention. We can also help you ensure you're fully prepared for the interview itself, running through key interview questions and advising you on how to answer any tricky questions that relate specifically to your experience or career. 

3. Specialist Expertise

Working with a recruiter that specialises in your own career specialisation not only means that we can help you with recruitment advice, but we also have the sector specific knowledge available to help you plan your career. As a middleman between industry professionals and leading organisations, we're perfectly placed to advise on industry-specific career paths, the types of companies in your sector or even the best cultural fit for your background and preferences.

4. Insider Information

A major advantage of working with a recruiter is that we have lots of additional information about the job, the company and its employees (especially the hiring manager), all of which you would never find on a job board. As a result, you'll walk into your interviews armed with significantly more information, which will hopefully increase your prospects of getting the job.

5. A Confidential Search

Our recruiters know that your job search is one of the most important and sensitive tasks you'll undertake in your life. We take every care to ensure your confidentiality is always our first priority. This is even more important to us as sector specific recruitment specialists, because our own brand is crucial to our ongoing success. If we make a wrong move, word of this quickly spreads and it becomes very hard to continue working in the sector – so rest assured that we know how much is on the line.

Where Do I Start?

As a job seeker, you're likely aware of the skills you possess, but you might not know about all of the career options that exist for you. As specialist recruiters, we meet many job seekers from similar backgrounds to you every year and see them embark on all sorts of different career paths. This means you can use our expertise to broaden your horizons and open the door to career opportunities you may not have thought about before.

Feel free to browse any of over 400 jobs we have listed on our website or to contact one of our recruitment specialists that focuses on your areas of expertise.

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