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Temp of the Month: What Makes You Stand Out? #temptalks

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We speak with our clients on a regular basis to get feedback for our Temporary Staffing Solutions team. We know that with the juggling of different job responsibilities, changing companies often and other circumstances, being a temp can be demanding. As Beyond Recruitment employees, we want to make sure you know when you’ve been doing a great job. Our clients really do appreciate your effort and there are rewards for all your hard work!

What’s In It For You?

Often, those temps who we receive great feedback about are given further opportunities by our clients, either for more work or for personal development and training. These are benefits that temps usually don’t get. However, when a temp shows that they really value an organisation, the companies are often keen to reciprocate this.

And there are prizes too! Our two Temps of the Month (one from Auckland and one from Wellington) get recognition from Beyond Recruitment for doing a great job, plus a voucher for the movies. They are also automatically in the running to win Temp of the Year at our annual awards, which comes with another great prize!

How to Be a Great Temp

We recently spoke to several of our ‘Temp of the Month’ recipients to gather insight into why they believed they were chosen for the award so that we can share that information with you, our valued temps. The consistent message we heard was about displaying behaviours and taking responsibility in your temp job as though you were a permanent employee within the organisation.

One of the stand out conversations we had was with Wendyll Gonsalves, and we thought his comments would be valuable whether you’re an aspiring Temp of the Month recipient or you ‘just’ want to deliver the client the best quality results.

Wendyll has been in his current temp position for a period of 10 months. The first thing that stands out about him is his level of enthusiasm to do an exceptional job. He describes his working style as hard, fast and accurate.

He believes he won the Temp of the Month award due to his mentality at work. In his mind, 99% is not good enough; he always likes to deliver 100%. Even in a short-term assignment, it has to be right.

His work ethic, which he describes as “strong” comes from a values based upbringing and observing his Dad who worked long-term for one company, progressing through the ranks due to his willingness to work hard. 

Meet our Temps of the Month

The three most important factors to being a successful temp in Wendyll’s opinion are:

  1. Question everything you don’t understand.
  2. Figure out the best way for you to learn and absorb information, and apply that learning style to your temp role.
  3. Take responsibility. Don’t leave things to the next person, do the absolute best you can before passing it on to someone else. You will be recognised.

3 Attributes of Top Performing Temps

We recently had a chat with our very own Sharlene Yule and Therése McHardy about what they are looking for when they pick the Temps of the Month:

  • Attitude: The way you approach your job is really important and goes a long way. People who are helpful, proactive and positive really stand out from the crowd. An example of this that has really stuck with us at Beyond Recruitment is with regards to one of our temps saving the client a lot of money on a particular project. And by ‘a lot’, we are talking thousands! He simply noticed that one of the billing rates was incorrect and brought it up with his manager. That really shows that he took care and pride in his work and had a huge impact at a company-wide level.
  • Reliability: Being professional and consistent in the amount and quality of work that someone is producing really does go a long way. We all know that things happen that are sometimes out of our control. But when you can rely on someone to always keep to the same high standards in every aspect of their work, people will always make allowances when those things do happen.
  • Communication: Style and consistency are the two key things here. All our top Temps are great communicators, they keep us updated and are fast to respond to any communication from us. It also comes down to asking the right questions and listening.

Remember, we are always in need of great temps. If you yourself are looking for temping opportunities or if you know anyone else who you think displays these qualities, then we would love to hear from you/them.

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