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Beyond Recruitment HR Leadership Event - An Intimate Session with Beyond Recruitment and Harold Hillman

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On Thursday morning, we hosted an impactful session at AUT with some of our HR leaders, with a special presentation by leadership expert Harold Hillman.

The session was packed full of interesting insights, as we explored resilience, the relationships between emotional intelligence, authenticity and leadership, and how those relationships build and enhance cultures that attract, retain, nurture and grow exceptional talent - as well as businesses that relish change and challenge, and can respond accordingly. With the pace and complexity of business ramping up constantly, understanding these factors will be crucial to ensuring your business keeps pace.

Thank you once again to all of our partners who joined us in this riveting conversation, and to Harold, our Beyond Recruitment specialist team, and our partners at AUT, for contributing to another successful forum.

If you need an insight into building resilience and attracting high performing talent for your business, contact us today.


Harold Hillman is the Managing Director of Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group. Sigmoid specialises in tools and frameworks that help executive teams lead their organisations through major change with a collective sense of ownership and commitment to strong results. Since change really is the only constant in business, developing the capability to lead it, rather than be led by it, is the true hallmark of successful and enduring organisations.

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