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Three Reasons Engaging Temporary Workers Through a Recruitment Agency Can Benefit Your Business

How Temporary Employees Can Benefit Your Business | Beyond Recruitment

Business leaders can often feel pressured to make a hiring decision because their team is overwhelmed and stretched beyond capacity. When the pressure is on, it is better to have someone than no one, right?

The reality is that rushing to quickly close a gap can lead to making the wrong hiring decision and when you’re under pressure, a mistake can be costly. Those of us that have been there understand this is not the reality and that, in fact, making the wrong decision, whilst under pressure can cause more personal pain and the cost is high, both individually and to the business.

Engaging temporary staff allows for some breathing space to work through a permanent hiring process and dually are an efficient way to manage project demands or peak business periods. This talent that is generally unavailable in the permanent market offers fresh perspectives, often have higher level of skills and experience than desired and are able to offer immediate business relief, for the required period/area of focus.

However, hiring temps isn’t always as smooth and straightforward as it should be. Engaging temporary workers through a recruitment agency allows you to flex up and down to meet business demands with minimal disruption. Our professional temps understand that every day is their first day so you can expect high engagement and an attitude of willingness to impress and go ‘above and beyond’. Outside of flexibility here are three key reasons to engage temps through Beyond Recruitment:

1. Risk Management & Mitigation

Where you spend a large proportion of your day managing permanent staff and dealing with day to day queries, personal support and the like, agencies will manage these day to day areas and will undertake regular checks to ensure performance and all is on track so that you can get on with your business. Agency temps generally sit under our insurances and liabilities and we jointly support risk around health and safety and manage all employee related queries/concerns and performance related matters, whilst they are on assignment. Our temps are brand ambassadors for us and therefore we are highly selective and undertake rigorous compliance and background checks, alongside having a regular pool of well known, trusted temps who work with us over a long period of time to support clients and gain exceptional feedback and exposure to new skills/environments, whilst doing so. Temp assignments can be ended with minimal notice so this allows flex and mitigates against financial risk, where a project or assignment may no longer be required and the ability to change requirements or the person fit throughout is possible.

2. Reduced Cost & Increased Speed

When engaged correctly, temporary workers can be one of the most cost-effective staffing resources available to your business. There are no fixed or payroll costs and the hourly or daily rate agreed is what you pay without any extra charges on top. As a business, you only pay for the time on a specific project.

Temporary recruitment is also generally a lot faster than its permanent counterpart. This is particularly true when engaging temps through a recruitment agency such as Beyond Recruitment, because we have dedicated recruiters who build talent pools of experienced and new temporary workers across a broad range of disciplines. We’re able to turn around same-day temps for reception or admin cover, and for other assignments the lead time is generally days rather than weeks.

3. Unearth New Talent

Whilst our professional temps are often interested in going from assignment to assignment, there are times where, after having gotten to know one another, all parties see demonstrated value and look at permanent opportunities. When this happens, this can open the door to untapped talent, who would not have previously considered a permanent position or vice versa. A fee is payable in these circumstances, however where there has been significant time in a continuous assignment this is generally reduced. That said, it’s always a good idea to discuss this upfront when engaging an agency partner.

If you’re interested in engaging the right temporary resource, on budget and on time then get in touch today. 

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