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Growing Resilient Leaders: Thoughts from the Beyond Recruitment Leadership Forum


As we continue to navigate new landscapes, and work in an increasingly rapid cycle of change in business – understanding and building resilience becomes ever more critical.

To explore this, we invited Harold Hillman (as our guest partner) to challenge and provide insights with an intimate group of our Senior Leaders yesterday morning – CE Liza Viz, and Auckland Leadership team; Carren Walker Raos, Chris Lacey, Kris Attewell, and Ray Crocker – with the topic being ‘growing resilient leaders’.

Thanks to all of our partners for making time to invest in their own and their team members' leadership growth, and for the wonderful interactive sharing that took place yesterday morning.

It was a great way to kick off the day, surrounded by business leaders, and energised all of us as we head into planning for 2018!

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