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How to Write a Great Sales CV

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There are a number of ways to increase the likelihood that your CV will be noticed when applying for a job. Here are my top points to pay attention to.

Showcase Relevance

One of the best is to ensure your background is showcased in a format where a Recruiter can quickly find and review it with the role in question.

For example, I specialise in recruiting sales positions within the building/construction sector, if the advert states the need for proven experience calling-in to Architects and Builders, then it is really important to prominently highlight in your CV that you have this exact experience.

Shout About Your Achievements

Writing the actual tasks or specific responsibilities that you carry out is a good way to demonstrate what your background is about. However, it is imperative to also show your sales achievements. For example, “I grew my client portfolio by 70% within a 12-month period” or “I exceeded my sales targets for the last four years and two of the years exceeded by 12%”. Try and come from a variety of angles.

Apply for the Right Roles

If you are passionate about Account Management and the job advert says the role focuses on Business Development, then the role probably isn’t right for you, so it’s best not to apply. In this scenario, always feel free to contact the recruiter directly, as specialists such as myself often have other positions which either aren’t advertised or are coming up in the near future. In addition, becuase we partner with our clients closely here at Beyond Recruitment, we have clients who have asked us to let us know if we uncover people with a specific background.

To Call or Not

It is always a good idea to send your CV first before a call, this way we have something visual to discuss. Being proactive like this is a great start in building a relationship with a quality recruiter. Often as a Recruiter we have numerous roles on at any one time so if we don’t get back to you straight away feel free to send a text and don’t forget to include your name! You’d be surprised with how many people forget. Remember, it is a two way street when you register with us in regard to keeping in touch. Even if it’s just an email or text to say you’re still looking and how you’re tracking, it’s a great way to stay top of mind.

I’m excited for 2018 and have a broad variety of clients within the Building/Construction and Industrial space that I work with – predominately in Auckland but also nationwide – that are looking for high achievers within these sectors to join their team. If you’re interested to know what opportunities are currently in the market that may fit your profile, please feel free to get in touch.

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