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Staying Ahead of the Game – The IT Infrastructure Scene

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The rise of cloud technology has led to a domino effect of changes to traditional IT infrastructure roles. As a result, these individuals have had to upskill and increase in capability, which has enabled further innovation and transformations – in other words, more changes.

We’ve seen this with Network Engineers and the rise of software-defined networking, network automation and various DevOps trends. A network engineer’s capabilities now branches far beyond routing and switching to include security, systems, storage and programming. Last year we also saw a growing demand for Network/Systems hybrid engineers in Auckland.

We’ve been observing a clear and widespread rise in demand for individuals with deep levels of specialization in multiple areas with each specialization building on the other.

Though many of these individuals have risen into these newly formed roles coming up from polar-opposite backgrounds resulting in totally unique capabilities. DevOps is a great example of this. Over the last 2 years there has been an ever-growing rise in demand for DevOps Engineers, a role that didn’t exist in the mainstream even 5 years ago. Some DevOps Engineers have come up from an infrastructure background and some from a development background – each has its own distinct advantages.

However, innovation continues. With developments in machine learning and automation, we could see the rise of an idea that’s been coined “NoOps” – the concept of machines solving known-problems intelligently, eliminating the need for humans to manage operations and reducing costs for organizations as a result. If there’s one thing that isn’t going to change anytime soon it’s the fact that if a concept saves money then it’s probably going to catch on. We are already seeing a rise in demand for Site Reliability Engineers in Auckland and Wellington.

At Beyond Recruitment, we stay abreast with new technologies, trends, and changes in the market, so that we can be prepared for what’s to come, understand it when it comes, and consult with our clients all along the way. We stay ahead with constant research, blogging, conferences, daily discussions with clients as well as candidates, and share our knowledge collectively within our very large team.

We have a massive network and each of us in the team is interviewing fresh new candidates every week, meaning we’re talking to new people about these problems all the time.

We’ve got a fantastic team, with each individual having their own particular niche and personal interest in IT, and we absolutely leverage each other’s strength in knowledge and strength in networks. Some are passionate about security, others get excited about blockchain, others can’t stop talking about automation – but between us we have an exceptional knowledge base and a lot to offer. If you want to start a conversation, feel free to get in touch with us here.

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