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Why Employers Want to Hear Your Story

Beyond Blogs Your Story Ft

Everyday here at Beyond Recruitment, we interview New Zealand’s best and brightest candidates. Candidates from all walks of life that have made significant contribution to running, building and developing the New Zealand economy. What becomes clear after interviewing these candidates is that people often bottle themselves to a short list of practical skills, technical skills, and current or past responsibilities – essentially the tried and true formula of a standard CV.

It is very rare to see much more. But as a person you are much more than that. You have goals, ambitions, a philosophy around how you approach the work you do. There are unique insights and opinions that you have that contribute to your craft. And often, you’ll have a mission and a purpose in what you do that is hidden away, driving everything the work you do.  

So, the challenge to you is make this change happen. Go out there and tell the story of who you are. Make that CV more than just a list of notable skills and achievements. Tell me the story about what makes you passionate, what unique views can you speak about your craft. Lead me to the work that really scared you and pushed you to your limits. Tell me how you changed things in your small corner of the world. Show me some of your process and insights. The goal is to bring out your mission and purpose in the work you do. Everyone has it, it doesn’t necessarily need to change the world, just show how you’re making a little dent on the things that you want to change and achieve.

Companies are looking for more from their people. They want to know your superpowers, understand your story, and want you to bring more humanity to the work you do. Having a stronger sense of who you are in the workplace makes you more engaged and improves the quality of your work. It also makes you more valuable as a subject matter expert and a shining light in your particular expertise. You’re a more interesting person when you have a great story about who you are and what you’ve achieved. Employers are always looking for an x-factor in their candidates and you can be the person they’ve been waiting for.

So, get out there and make a difference, craft your best story, and build a philosophy around what you do.

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