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Engaging Contractors to Transform Your Team Dynamic

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In today’s market, the only thing certain is uncertainty itself, and as workloads increase, projects crawl on and cost pressures make permanent hiring prohibitive, a solution can often be to add professional contractors into the team dynamic.

Beyond Recruitment has a long history in the contracting market, supplying flexible manpower solutions to a range of public and private sector organisations from scaling start-ups through to complex multinationals. We are regularly called upon to supply contractors for a number of key reasons:

  • The financial benefits of employing specific expertise for a fixed period of time.

  • Cover for long-term absences, maternity leave or particularly busy periods.

  • Access to talent at short notice where permanent onboarding processes are time prohibitive.

  • Niche skills to manage and accelerate complex projects where no internal expertise exists.

  • Means to source expertise during periods of growth (mergers and acquisitions) or downsizing.

  • An interim solution where there has been a sudden departure of an executive or a search process is taking longer than expected.

Our contractors contribute enormously to the success of New Zealand enterprise and are recognised as being amongst the most highly skilled professionals in the market with the ability to quickly become key assets. They often take up prominent and influential roles with some of the country’s most recognised and respected employers.

Our Contracting Solutions team focuses on a range of disciplines including:

  • Accounting, Finance & Financial Services 

  • Customer Experience, Sales & Marketing

  • Property, Construction & Architecture

  • Technology, Transformation & Digital

  • Human Resources

Given the current market dynamics, we are speaking to a significant number of time-tested industry experts who are motivated and available at short notice.

So, what could a contractor add in your company right now? What process are you trying to improve or transform that your current team just doesn’t have the time or skills to commit to?

To find out about the contract-ready talent we currently have available, get in touch with our specialist Contracting Solutions team today.

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