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NZ’s Employment Market Bounces Back to Nearly Pre-COVID Levels

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Liza Viz, CEO Beyond Recruitment, was recently featured on RNZ News, where she commented on the growth of job vacancies around the country as listings return to near pre-COVID-19 levels. Liza noted that since the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, there have been major ramifications for the New Zealand employment landscape, with industries and regions being affected unevenly as the situation evolved. However, the landscape in 2021 has changed, with all indications showing a strong start and the signs pointing to recovery across many sections of the market.

To help you recognise where the job ads are increasing and plan your next step, here is a breakdown of the key insights she shared. 

Regional Differences in COVID-19 Rebound

Job listings have risen steadily over the past several months, with many regions recovering from the challenges of 2020. There are some locations and regions still lagging behind, however this appears to be depending on how long they were locked down for in the last year.

“Auckland, for example, has been more affected because it experienced more lockdowns during COVID and we only started to see increased activity towards the end of last year,” Liza explained. “Regions like Wellington saw a more steady job market rebound because they were less exposed.” 

The regional pace of rebound also depends on the sectors and types of roles supplied. For instance, the recent election and policy changes have had a flow-on effect in the job market, resulting in plenty of government roles becoming available in Wellington.

What Skills are in Demand?

While the effects on different industries have been varied, one significant change has been the widespread growth of Technology jobs, particularly in places like Auckland where there are a lot of private sector businesses.

“As well as adopting digital methods quickly and transforming their operations, organisations had to look at their networks and how they manage remote working. And many of the projects put on hold have resumed,” said Liza.

In addition to Tech skills, flexibility and adaptability are in huge demand among employers across the regions.

“They are looking for people who can adapt fairly quickly and they are more open to transferable skills, so these should be highlighted in job applications,” she noted.

“The other key factor is that although we are seeing people working from home, organisations are also looking for people who are mobile and are prepared to potentially move from one region to the next if they need to.”

This is promising news for those looking to take advantage of the soaring labour market, and jobseekers with the right expertise will likely find plenty of opportunities available to them.

To read the full story on RNZ News, click the link below.

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