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What We Have Seen So Far in 2022

What We Have Seen So Far Featured

​It’s been a busy first few months of 2022, with plenty of roles available across a range of different specialisms.

As one of New Zealand’s leading recruitment agencies. we have noticed a few themes so far this year when it comes to candidate job searching and offers. Here’s our take on the top hiring trends for candidates in 2022:

1. Securing Top Candidates Quickly

Employers who make decisions quickly after conducting interviews are more likely to secure their preferred candidate. Generally, candidates will be participating in several hiring processes at once so the more feedback you can give or the faster you can make a hiring decision, the better the outcome.

To avoid missing out on your ideal candidate, be open and honest with them from the start. If you need them to meet with another team member or manager, let them know quickly. And don’t be shy in communicating that you’re interested in hiring them.

2. Counter Offers

We are seeing great candidates register with us and start the recruitment process. Initially, that’s interviewing with our team of recruiters to discuss their wants and needs for their next role. The next stage is interviewing with a Hiring Manager at the company we have presented them to – once, twice or even three times. If they’re a quality candidate they can expect an offer, but we’re finding many of them receiving a counter offer from their existing employer at the eleventh hour.

This is nothing new and happened pre-COVID, but it does highlight that candidates absolutely will look to the entire package being offered when making their final decision. That means businesses need to focus on not only creating attractive salary packages for prospective hires but also ensuring current staff have regular salary reviews and are offered more in terms of flexibility so they’re not tempted to look elsewhere.

3. Flexibility/Hybrid Arrangements

Flexible working conditions are now an expectation for employees. Any organisation not offering flexibility or hybrid options is going to miss out on some quality candidates. Hybrid working is here to stay now, so employers need to adapt to the needs of the employee.

4. Work From Anywhere!

Some candidates are now so happy in their flexible working arrangements that they are looking exclusively for hybrid roles that allow them to work remotely part of the time and the rest in the office.

In addition, there may be staff wanting to take that much-awaited overseas trip to see family after a long period of time. That has led to some candidates asking whether they can work whilst on their extended trip.

5. Additional Perks on Offer

What else can employers offer besides monetary rewards such as salary and bonuses? More and more employees are looking for things that will help them balance their work and lives, such as:

  • Flexi-time hours

  • More annual leave

  • Mental health / personal leave days

  • Birthday day off

  • Team events

  • An inclusive and diverse culture

  • Regular performance reviews

It’s now up to employers to take a look at their benefits packages and design a range of perks that appeal to top talent.

So What’s Next?

It’s no exaggeration that the lead up to 2022 has been challenging and we’ve seen plenty of candidates stick with their current employer because it’s ‘easy’ or ‘guaranteed’.

However there are job seekers who are always willing to move for the right role. Regardless of whether they’re actively looking or ripe for head hunting, it’s important that employers are prepared to attract and retain the best talent available.

If you’d like to talk to a trusted recruiter about your hiring needs, contact one of our friendly team at Beyond Recruitment today.

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