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Contractor Interview Series – Service Desk Analyst

Contractor Interview 3 Featured

​Here at Beyond Recruitment, we know that contracting can be highly rewarding, offering plenty of flexibility and providing exciting opportunities to experience a range of projects and teams.

In this series of interviews, we dig a bit deeper into this way of working by talking to some of our top contractors to find out what life is like for them in 2022.

Today we talk to a Service Desk Analyst who has been contracting for two years.

Tell us why you choose to contract?

For me, I like getting exposure to different types of environments and constantly switching up the role keeps it more interesting. Contracting suits the way I like to work with flexibility, etc. I prefer it because after six to nine months in a role you get a bit used to it, so I like the challenge of switching to new projects.

What do see as the advantages of contracting?

It pays better and I’m trying to save at the moment. Also, flexibility means I can work on my own terms. For example, at the end of the contract, I can take time off and travel which I enjoy.

How important is your relationship/partnership with your contracting recruiter?

I haven’t known you guys long but you’re very easy to deal with, responsive and quick to assist – it’s great!

What would you say to anyone thinking about contracting?

If you are someone who likes a challenge, likes to take on different roles and constantly be exposed to new environments then contracting might be a better option for you.

Can you tell us why you decided to move from a permanent role to a contract?

I just wanted to give it a go. I want to travel eventually so don’t want to be locked down. Now I can save some money in the meantime so contracting works for me.

What did you like about your onboarding process with Beyond Recruitment's Technology, Transformation & Digital contracting specialists?

You guys gave me a run-down of how contracting works, including things that I could claim, payment, reporting, etc. Going through everything in person over a coffee was good.


If you’d like to learn more about opportunities for contractors in Transformation, Technology and Digital, get in touch with the Beyond Recruitment team today. Our Technology, Transformation & Digital contracting specialists can talk you through the roles currently available and help you plan out your next move.


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