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Contractor Interview Series – Programme Manager

Contractor Interview 8 Featured

​Here at Beyond Recruitment, we know that contracting can be highly rewarding, offering plenty of flexibility and providing exciting opportunities to experience a range of projects and teams.

In this series of interviews, we dig a bit deeper into this way of working by talking to some of our top contractors to find out what life is like for them in 2022.

Today we talk to a Programme Manager who has been contracting for 20 years.

Tell us why you choose to contract?

Before contracting, I was managing a PMO across a large number of people. When I moved to New Zealand, I started in a permanent role and then decided to provide consulting services. I find it is easier to provide such services through contracting.

What do see as the advantages of contracting?

You do have to plan ahead. You are your own person and that’s different to being a permanent employee. You become a subject matter expert and are a professional service provider. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement to provide such a service.

What changes have you seen in contracting over the last 18 months?

I have noticed that converting contractors to permanent staff has now changed. There is always a need for contractors and it is now becoming evident to clients.

How important is your relationship/partnership with your contracting recruiter?

It is important to have that contact – without too many touchpoints. When COVID-19 first struck, I was in very regular contact but this time around it is much more relaxed.

What would you say to anyone thinking about contracting?

Everyone is different. It is whatever suits you and your circumstances. You need to plan ahead and it is not for everyone. You cannot get into it blindly. If you are not a person who is financially planned ahead, it is not for you.

Can you tell us why you decided to move from a permanent role to a contract?

When I came to New Zealand from a high-profile role 20 years’ ago, it was not easy to get a job at that same level. I initially took a role as a Project Consultant and it took a little while to get back to the management level. After that, I was able to provide the services I wanted to. 20 years later, I am still doing it.

What did you like about your onboarding process with Beyond Recruitment's Technology, Transformation & Digital contracting specialists?

It was so long ago but I remember the team were great. It was easier to do everything online and there were no difficulties in the process.


If you’d like to learn more about opportunities for contractors in Transformation, Technology and Digital, get in touch with the Beyond Recruitment team today. Our Technology, Transformation & Digital contracting specialists can talk you through the roles currently available and help you plan out your next move.

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