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Contractor Interview Series – Service Desk Manager

Contractor Interview 7 Featured

​Here at Beyond Recruitment, we know that contracting can be highly rewarding, offering plenty of flexibility and providing exciting opportunities to experience a range of projects and teams.

In this series of interviews, we dig a bit deeper into this way of working by talking to some of our top contractors to find out what life is like for them in 2022.

Today we talk to a Service Desk Manager who has been contracting for just over a year.

Tell us why you choose to contract?

Last year around September/October, Beyond Recruitment got in touch with me regarding a contract role. Since I had worked for the same employer my whole career, I considered it, but I declined and the consultant kept in touch and contacted me for a few other roles. Initially I wasn’t too into the idea of contracting, but when I was made redundant I thought it was a great time to give it a try.

What do see as the advantages of contracting?

In the span of a year, I have worked for four different clients. The disadvantage is having to re-learn systems and start over from scratch every time, but that is actually an advantage because you learn lots of things and build up your knowledge.

You learn a lot of things including best practices from different clients and bring that knowledge over to the next client. You learn the good points and bad points from different clients and it gives you so much perspective that you would otherwise never have. Everything you learn makes adapting to the next environment easier and you have more confidence and more to offer.

Not having that same kind of stability is a major disadvantage and lots of shorter-term contracts. But I’m not ever really worried because Beyond Recruitment hasn’t let me down. Even before my contract expires, they have the next opportunity waiting for me and they’re always in contact with me.

What changes have you seen in contracting over the last 18 months?

Through my LinkedIn profile I’ve been contacted by so many different recruitment companies. Prior to COVID-19 I was contacted by maybe once a year. That’s been the most obvious change.

How important is your relationship/partnership with your contracting recruiter?

It’s critical for me – especially now as a contractor. I value the relationship I have with Beyond Recruitment. They keep me comfortable and happy. We trust each other and look after each other. I like working with people I can trust like that.

What would you say to anyone thinking about contracting?

Give it a try. Especially for someone who has worked as a permanent employee for a long time. You just have to get over the fear of jumping into the unknown. You do have some extra personal administration like taxes – but it’s still worth taking a leap of faith.

Sometimes you might be even better off than in permanent roles. You have options you wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m not worried about finding my next contract role because I know Beyond have my back and that me finding work is in both our best interest. So, you will have stability but a different kind of stability knowing Beyond Recruitment can have clients lined up for you.

Can you tell us why you decided to move from a permanent role to a contract?

I was made redundant and it was low risk to give contracting a try.

What did you like about your onboarding process with Beyond Recruitment's Technology, Transformation & Digital contracting specialists?

Beyond Recruitment provided all the information and also told me about HNRY for sorting out taxes and what I needed to know as a contractor. My contracting recruiter answered all my questions and covered all bases and explained the contract. It was a very smooth process.


If you’d like to learn more about opportunities for contractors in Transformation, Technology and Digital, get in touch with the Beyond Recruitment team today. Our Technology, Transformation & Digital contracting specialists can talk you through the roles currently available and help you plan out your next move.

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