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Published Date: 16th May 2023.

There’s no denying it, digital transformation is the future of business. But the key to a successful roll-out is a firm understanding that the process is less about technology and more about people.

From planning and hiring to development and management, ensuring people have the right skills, tools and support to collaborate and share ideas will determine the direction of your digital future.

Here in Aotearoa, New Zealand, we’re fortunate to have a National Strategy that speaks this point. 

This strategy is built upon three key themes.

  • Mahi Tika — Trust

  • Mahi Tahi — Inclusion

  • Mahi Ake — Growth

With clear measures in place, this strategy strives to ensure that our people, communities, economy, and environment flourish and prosper in the digital era. But what digital transformation skills are required to live up to this vision and help us build a thriving ecosystem of local businesses?

Exceptional Leadership 

Effective change can only happen when those at the top are visible and confident and lead with integrity. And in terms of digital transformation skills specifically, leaders must have the know-how to confidently drive initiatives from inception to completion.

Astute leaders understand that everything in business can be replicated except for the team you build around you. They know that investing in technology is pointless without investing in the people who can put this technology to use.

Good leaders shape the future of a business in many ways. Whether they are screening and hiring candidates, establishing company standards, or setting the tone by which your culture is defined, choosing the best leaders for your organisation will determine the success of the digital transformation process within it.

Soft Skills Count

Essentially, digital transformation is a journey. A steady process of implementing change over time. To successfully achieve this change, you must lean on a range of soft skills to get the job done. Because, after all, it is people who transform businesses. Technology is merely the tool they use to do so.

Leaders must possess exemplary communication skills. Ones that engage teams and encourage buy-in. Transparency in communicating achievements and failures is paramount, as is providing regular updates on progress and advances. This leadership style will be rewarded with a team of motivated and inspired digital transformation agents.

Building a team of adaptable and curious digital experts is also essential to a successful transformation journey. Technology is constantly evolving. And with it, the hard skills to drive it. Tethering your recruitment or career strategy to a combination of demonstrated learnability and hard skills will ensure you have the right mix of industry experience and intellectual curiosity to secure or fill the digital transformation jobs on offer, roll with the evolution, upskill where needed and capitalise on the advances as they come to the fore. 

A Head and a Heart for the Data

The rapid technological advances around us are exciting yet shouldn’t be relied upon to future-proof your business and launch it into the digital age. Your competitive advantage will be underpinned by how you harness your company’s data and whether you have the necessary skills to translate it into meaningful insights that you can act on.

Too many business leaders operate under the false assumption that hiring skilled data scientists or investing in the latest tech tools is enough. But ultimately, it is not about the brain power or the functionality of your technology. It’s about instilling a data-driven culture. Your key strategic advantage will be your ability to act according to the data. In today’s modern business era, data is your lifeblood. To be successful, you must cultivate, nurture, harness and act on it.

Reliable and Reassuring Change Management Skills

Embarking on a journey of digital transformation can be daunting. To avoid disillusionment, senior leaders must know what it takes to build a comprehensive change framework while maintaining a clear and reliable communication pattern and a reassuring approach to management.

Furthermore, setting an example that embraces change whilst striving for continual learning and improvement will create an environment that encourages a growth mindset and will positively affect the process and those they lead.

Strategic Vision

When it comes to digital transformation jobs, strategic foresight is critical. Laying the groundwork for tomorrow's success by prioritising future goals and maintaining a forward-looking perspective in the face of immediate challenges is a must. People who recognise the importance of digital transformation and invest significant effort in bringing it to fruition are invaluable.

Therefore, creativity, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous learning are vital when creating a compelling digital vision for any business.

A Re-Imagined Future

Digital transformation creates a unique chance for businesses to re-imagine their future. Nurturing the skills to withstand the challenges whilst flourishing in the long term is vital. And as such, those committed to developing these skills, personally and within their teams, can drive meaningful change throughout an entire organisation.

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