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What to Expect When You Register with a Recruitment Agency

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Published Date: 11th December 2023.

Job hunting is often a stressful task, and one that can make people feel quite vulnerable, especially if there is a lack of support through the process.

If you’re a job seeker, a recruitment agency is an excellent resource for finding work – not only can an agency link you to more job opportunities, but it can also provide vital guidance on all the important aspects of a job hunt.

I meet a lot of job seekers who have never used a recruitment agency before and aren’t sure what to expect. I get it – that’s exactly how I felt when I was looking for work. When I finished my master’s and wanted to kickstart a new career, I had no idea where to start. I hadn’t considered recruitment agencies until a friend recommended Beyond Recruitment to me.

After registeringon Beyond’s website, a recruiter reached out to me and arranged an interview. My experience with this recruiter was amazing; I felt seen and understood as a job seeker. The recruiter even suggested that I might like recruitment and it wasn’t long before I joined the team at Beyond.

My first role at Beyond Recruitment involved working exclusively with candidates. In my current position as a Client Manager, that initial experience of seeing the candidate side of the process was illuminating. I’ve since encountered many job seekers like me.

Now that I’m familiar with the inner workings of recruitment agencies, I’d love to share some helpful tips and break down some unhelpful myths, so that job seekers know what to expect when signing up to a recruitment agency.

It’s a Free Service

Beyond Recruitment does not charge fees to job seekers. It’s not illegal for recruitment agencies to charge job seekers for their service, but this isn’t widely seen as ethical or sensible. If an agency demands a fee for helping you find a role, it’s best to look elsewhere!

Agencies Are an Additional Option

As a job seeker, a recruitment agency is just one resource you can use for finding a job – signing up to an agency doesn’t lock you into an exclusive arrangement. You can also use sites like SEEK and TradeMe, along with other recruitment agencies, to find work.

Come Prepared

As recruiters, we love guiding people through their job-hunting journey. We’re always happy to provide advice on your CV and help you prepare for interview questions.

However, we do find we can help more when you do a little preparation of your own. Before you register with an agency, it’s sensible to have some idea of the positions and industries that interest you, the locations you’re willing to work in and whether you’re after a permanent, temporary or fixed contract role.

Reflecting on what you want from your next job will help you get the ball rolling sooner in those initial conversations you have with a recruitment consultant.

Keep Your CV Up to Date

Another way that you can prepare beforehand is by ensuring that your CV is up to date. Regularly revisiting and refining your CV allows you to keep track of your recent job achievements, certifications, and skills you've gained. Approaching us armed with an up-to-date CV enables us to start matching you to suitable jobs as quickly as possible.

Be Professional

Treat your meeting with us like a job interview with an employer. We will be recommending you to our clients, so it’s wise to dress and act professionally.

The way you present yourself is the first impression that speaks volumes about your commitment to the job.

Be Transparent

Sometimes, job seekers are unsure whether to tell us they have other job interviews lined up - don’t be! It’s helpful if you are transparent, so we know where you’re at and how we can best help you. Besides, having other interviews lined up indicates that your skills and experience are valuable, which we can convey to employers on your behalf.

Get Accurate Information about the Job Market

Working with a recruitment agency will give you more insight into what the current market is offering in terms of pay, hours, benefits and other key job factors. We can inform you of the current trends around temporary, fixed term or permanent jobs in Auckland and other specific locations. When you start lining up interviews, we’ll advise you on what interview questions you can expect.

We can also give you guidance on what you can expect to be paid for the roles you’re interested in. If you have ever used job listing websites, you’ll know how difficult this information can be to access from job ads alone.

Training Advice

We can give you guidance on what types of training courses and certifications you could look into, based on the jobs you’re interested in. We can help you identify any gaps between the jobs on offer and your current skills, so you know where to invest in your development.

Don’t Go It Alone

You don’t have to manage your job search completely alone. That’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned about recruiters – we love helping people find work. Connecting with a reputable agency can give you access to the advice and encouragement you need to land your next role.

If you’re on the lookout for your next role, get in touch with me or the teamat Beyond Recruitment. We look forward to helping you find the job you want.

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