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How to Fall Back in Love with Your Career

How To Fall Back In Love With Your Career Featured 1

Published Date: 14th February 2024

Feeling a little unenthusiastic about heading to work every morning? Is that special buzz you felt in the early years of your career now dissipating? If you’ve found it increasingly difficult to feel motivated at work and every year is starting to look the same, it might be time to rekindle your romance with your career!

The transition from the initial sizzle to a subdued fizzle in your job satisfaction is a common experience, one that we see affecting people from all kinds of professional backgrounds and industries. Work environments, tasks, and responsibilities can evolve, potentially leading to boredom or disengagement. However, acknowledging this shift is the first step towards revitalising your connection with your career.

It’s also important to differentiate between a career slump and simply disliking your current role – many people can understandably confuse the two. Sometimes, when we hear people telling us about their eagerness to change jobs, it’s actually their career path that deserves re-evaluation. Conversely, others who are fairly comfortable in their current career have simply found themselves in a position or company that won’t give them what they truly need.

Whether you’re wondering how to figure out a career change or are just weighing up your options, these tips will get to the heart of the issue and add the spark back into your professional life.

Check-In With Yourself

If you’ve fallen out of love with your job, think about what made you fall in love with it in the first place. Are those elements still present, just in another form? Look for ways to reconnect with the aspects of your job that initially attracted you to it.

The big picture is just as important here. Take time to reflect on your present values and current goals. Did you pursue this career path, or did you ‘fall into it’? Consider which aspects of your career are no longer serving your interests and lifestyle. Do you feel you can be your authentic self? Think about where you would like to be within five years. Which is easier for you to imagine yourself doing – working for another company, or in another field?

What Energises You?

Even the jobs we love have aspects that we don’t like or feel engaged with. Pay attention to any peaks and dips you experience in energy and motivation at work throughout the week. Perhaps you’re most engaged when you’re pitching to clients. Or, you might find you’re less keen on social interaction and would rather be buried in spreadsheets. These clues can give you insights into what aspects of your current role can benefit from tweaking, or if you may need a larger course correction for your career.

Start a Conversation

For many professionals, what can feel like dissatisfaction with their career is more a case of poor work-life balance. If you’re feeling the symptoms of burnout at work, have noticed an increase in stress, or feel overworked, it’s indeed time to have a frank conversation with your manager. After all, the best way to have your needs addressed is to speak up about them.

If a conversation with your manager doesn’t lead to a positive change, you’ll have a better idea about your next move. Before you start your job hunt, it helps to have a reputable and professional New Zealand recruitment agency by your side.

Take a Break

Changing your scenery for a short period can be enough to tackle those feelings of boredom at work and re-ignite your passion. Having a break for a few weeks, or even a few months, can help you draw your mind away from the rut of daily routine and allow time for those quiet realisations and reflections. Your break doesn’t have to be a ritzy beach getaway, however. Other experiences can mark a break from the ordinary while giving you access to new career opportunities, such as secondments, training or volunteering projects.

Seek Out Others for Inspiration and Support

By surrounding yourself with people who are passionate about their careers, you can have a bit of their enthusiasm rub off on you. It’s not uncommon to be influenced by others when it comes to how you regard your job or career.

Aim to socialise with more people at work and in your broader network – you may find fresh inspiration and new role models to reignite your enthusiasm for your work. Engaging with colleagues, mentors and your industry peers may give you insights into different career paths. By tapping into your network, you could also position yourself for potential opportunities that may arise through these connections.

Push Yourself with New Goals

As anyone who has lifted themselves out of a career rut will likely tell you, the key to overcoming boredom is to look for new ways to test yourself. Challenge yourself by setting new professional goals or taking on additional responsibilities – this sense of accomplishment and growth is a great confidence booster and can relight your passion for your career.

Look out for learning opportunities wherever you can. Attend workshops, conferences, or take up new courses to acquire new skills and knowledge. Learning and personal development can make your work more interesting and fulfilling, with the added advantage of growing your CV.

How to Figure Out a Career Change – with Professional Help

Asking the big questions about your job and career can be daunting at times, but it’s always easier with the right help by your side. At Beyond Recruitment we love matching people to their ideal role and helping them get on the right career track for long-term fulfilment. We’ll help you uncover your strengths and opportunities to find a job you love. Get started on your next journey with a leading New Zealand recruitment agency - contact us today!

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