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Daniel Segovia
Name: Daniel Segovia
Company Position: Office Manager - Customer Experience
Email Address:
Phone Number: 04 472 2434

Where I’m from: I am originally from Chile. However, I have been living in New Zealand since March 2020.

My professional background: I am a Biologist and Scientist with a variety of interests and experience. I have also worked as a tutor, administrative assistant and finance assistant. I was working as a Finance Assistant in 2022- when I heard about Beyond Recruitment. I joined the BH Group right in the middle of the migration to a new timesheet system and my role was to assist with queries from Clients and Contractors.

Why I am passionate about my role at Beyond Recruitment: I enjoy being able to talk to people from different backgrounds. Also, it’s very nourishing for me to guide jobseekers in their job search.   

What not many people know about me: I came to New Zealand to study at Victoria University. In October 2021, I was officially awarded a master’s degree in Marine Biology.

What I love about Aotearoa, New Zealand: The atmosphere in New Zealand. The country is incredibly welcoming and open-minded.

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: What I really love from Beyond Recruitment is that all people are treated with respect.

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