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Diana Reid
Name: Diana Reid
Company Position: National Operations Manager
Email Address:
Phone Number: +64 21 844 114

​Where I’m from: Born and bred Yorkshire, England. Grew up near Blenheim.

My professional background: I spent many years as an insurance broker insuring ‘expensive’ racehorses at Lloyds of London. More recently, I have been in the recruitment industry for over fourteen years.

Why I’m passionate about my role at Beyond Recruitment: I enjoy providing an excellent service to the business, finding ways to produce high quality work in the most efficient way possible and working with a team that are committed to providing this. We work in a fast paced environment and I love the agility with which the team works with being able to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the business.

What not many people know about me: My great, great grandfather was a former prime minister of New Zealand – he also established the first sheep station in the South Island where I grew up. At the time he set it up there was 250,000 acres and he employed 1,000 people to keep on top of the rabbit population!

What I love about Aotearoa, New Zealand: I love the great outdoors and the open spaces and the fact that it doesn’t take long to travel anywhere! I love tip top ice-cream, pineapple lumps and wearing jandals!! I also love the kiwi attitude that anything can be fixed with number 'eight wire’ attitude – and mostly it can!!

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: I have been at Beyond Recruitment for ten years and I love the supportive environment allowing me to learn and develop my skills, and the opportunities for career progression. I also love working with a motivated, fun, results orientated team.

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