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Ian Taylor
Name: Ian Taylor
Company Position: Director
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Beyond Holdings Group

What I love about Aotearoa, New Zealand.  It is interesting to note what we don’t have, and that to me is a lack of history that is visible.  Many other countries have a vast cultural and structural history that is tangible.  But we have a freshness that allows us to do and try anything. We hear of the loss of the “number 8 wire” thinking, but I think it still lives within all kiwis, and I love that and how it manifests in the way we deal with each other.  I also love our diverse country – I still smile openly when I drive into the McKenzie Country, or into Danzies Pass, or down into Paihia, or Ferry into Picton, or walk on Tata Beach, or gaze at Tane Mahuta or or or – I’m sure each of us has similar images in our heads. We are lucky to live here.

What not many people know about me.  I was in an age grade New Zealand cricket team, and was sconed by Richard Hadlee in a lead up match.  Used to drive rally cars.  I am a qualified geophysicist. I once knew Pi to 50 decimal places (you know - 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510).

Favourite Beyond moment  When it dawned on me that we were being accepted on to every preferred supplier panel we bid for, and at the same time that really good people really wanted to work for us.  We had a company of which we could be truly proud.

Industry Experience  We supply services to business.  I have build my experience over 40 years in business.  I have 17 years specific experience in the services we provide.

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