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Click here to access our E-timesheet portal.  

Timesheets completed on a weekly basis, please follow the below Timesheet process:

- Enter your hours in a 24 hour format (HH:MM).

- Submit weekly Timesheets as early as possible to provide your approver time to review and approve.


Beyond Contractors are required to provide an invoice to Beyond on the first day of month following for the work completed in the month.

If you do not have an Invoice template or are unsure of what is required, take a look at our Invoice Template and the link to the IRD website below.

Click here to download an Invoice Template

Click here for more information on GST Tax Invoices


Contractor payment requires the following items to have been received by Beyond:

- Approved Timesheets for the weeks worked in the month.

- Your Invoice for the month (Due on the first day of the month following).

After we have received these we will process payment of your invoice on the 25th of the month following. If the 25th falls on a weekend we will make the payment on the day prior to the weekend.

If you have payment queries, please Email -

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