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Auckland & Wellington Automation Test Analyst Jobs

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The progressive IT industry in New Zealand has had a demand for Automation Test Analysts roles in recent years. Software programs have evolved and need to run efficiently and effectively within a business. They are also seen as the digital backbone of an organisation’s IT agenda. Often with a background in software development, Automation Test Analysts specialise in software and database quality assurance. Writing codes that test the performance rates of the software a business is using, is an integral part of the job. Many collaborate with other software developers, marketing teams and clients to create, design, evaluate and implement new software programs.

Nature of Work

The day to day tasks of the Automation Test Analyst role are varied and can include:

  • Creating and managing a test framework that regularly checks computer systems and trouble shoots problems; often with LabView and Python as well as other test applications such as Selenium, Cucumber, Appium or SoapUI to name a few.
  • Promoting quality excellence within the team as well as coordinating best practice in quality assurance.
  • Developing test plans specific to application requirements and executing the delivery of a test.
  • Liaising with software and support engineers and product management to deliver efficient and stable software programs.
  • Documenting all processes utilised when undertaking test activities and verify bug fixes.

Job Qualifications

Many employers in New Zealand prefer that their Automation Test Analysts have a degree in a related computer science field. Those with a bachelor degree in software development, mathematics or computer engineering will be held in good stead for the job.

Employers also typically look for Automation Test Analysts with several years experience in script testing already. Entry-level positions such as a computer support specialist or a software tester will strengthen the pertinent skills that organisations demand as an Automated Test Analyst, such as script testing and running various types of software,

Professional Development

By keeping abreast of all the changes in the industry, an Automated Test Analyst role could segue into a more senior career such as Software Test Lead, Senior Test Analyst or other Project Management jobs in IT.

Speak to our specialists about any one of our Auckland and Wellington Automation Test Analyst jobs that may suit your career.

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