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Auckland & Wellington Change Manager Jobs

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Changes to an organisation’s IT infrastructure is inevitable and in New Zealand, the demand for Change Manager jobs is on the rise, as they play a paramount role in ensuring change initiatives meet the business’s objectives within budget and on time. A career as a Change Manager focuses more on the people’s side of the change. This can include implementing change management strategies that increase adoption of new technologies by employees as well as minimising disruptions to business processes, job roles and structure of the organisation. The ultimate goal in most Auckland and Wellington Change Manager jobs is to expedite adoption and utilisation of these changes in order to optimise outcomes.

Nature of Work

The responsibilities of a Change Manager role are diverse and can include:

  • Administering a systematic change methodology and direct change projects often through the foundations of Prosci Change Management principles.
  • Supporting the development and delivery of communications.
  • Evaluating the impact of the change and ascertain readiness.
  • Supporting the creation and delivery of pertinent training programs.
  • Acting in an advisory role for senior managers and providing support and coaching to managers at all levels as they undergo the transitions with their teams.

Job Qualifications

Most Change Manager jobs in New Zealand require a qualification related to IT, such as computer science, engineering, IT Management and the like. They can have various backgrounds in IT as long as they have some sort of Change Management Certification such as the Prosci Change Management Program, which is highly regarded. This globally recognised certification course targets those in the IT industry looking to get into a Change Management career such as Project Managers, Business Project Leaders and IT Leaders.

Professional Development

Change Managers work with all facets of a business and once experienced with successful change projects, can gain entry into more senior managerial roles, such as Senior Project Manager or even Programme Manager tenures.

We are more than happy to help you take the next steps in your career by choosing one of our Auckland and Wellington Change Manager jobs. Call us today.

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