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Auckland & Wellington Cloud Specialist Jobs

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A growing number of organisations in New Zealand have now adopted cloud computing as the standard mode of operations. These businesses now have a range of Cloud Specialist jobs ready to be filled with candidates who have the expertise in Cloud to achieve the best results out of their hybrid approaches and technology investments. A Cloud Specialist is that expert, responsible for any technological activities associated with an organisation’s cloud computing, including design, planning and management whilst extending to maintenance and support. Auckland and Wellington Cloud Specialist jobs require not only a technical background, but also business acumen to strategically align Cloud with an organisation’s goals and objectives.

Nature of Work

Cloud Specialist or Orchestration Engineer jobs can be broken down into various roles depending on the employer and size of the business. Other Cloud Specialist roles include Cloud Engineer, Cloud Software Engineer and Cloud Architect. The responsibilities are diverse and can include:

  • Ensuring operational and organisational processes are followed within Cloud.
  • Overseeing, building and implementing designs of Web services in cloud computing.
  • Networking diagnostics and support to ensure efficiencies and reliability.
  • Stakeholder and user management with regular communication.
  • Troubleshooting and identifying issues and taking steps to resolve them.
  • Utilising pertinent certifications such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or VMware to achieve best practice in Cloud implementation.
  • Integrating businesses operations into multi-cloud environments seamlessly.

Job Qualifications

Typically, in New Zealand, building a career as a Cloud Specialist initially requires an IT-related degree such as in the fields of computer science, computer engineering or IT management and the like.

To get preference over competing candidates, a Cloud Specialist should seek appropriate certification. Reputable cloud certification courses include but are not limited to: Microsoft Azure Certifications, Google Cloud Platform CloudAcademy and VMware Certified Professional. This coupled with on the job training in cloud teams and gaining experience in programming languages such as Java, Python and Ruby, can open many career windows. Capabilities and experience in OpenStack, Linux, AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, Softlayer or Docker are also well regarded.

Professional Development

Careers in Cloud are dynamic and in a constant state of change. To excel along this rewarding career path, candidates have to keep training and keeping abreast of latest technologies and paradigms. They can progress into more senior Cloud roles such Senior Cloud Analyst or Cloud Architect.

If you’re ready to jump into your next career as a Cloud Specialist and wish to discuss any of our Auckland and Wellington Cloud Specialist jobs, call us today

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